Learn How to Protect Your Pets And Family

Your pets and family matter most
Protect them with safety solutions by Guardian Hawk!

We know your loved ones are important. That's why we craft safety systems that fit your needs. Whether its our Camera Animal Tracking Systems (CATS), nanny cams, latchkey app, rescue stickers or Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, we will create a system for you so you know your children and pets are safe.

Pet Camera available on mobile devices

Nanny Cams and Latchkey Programs

Guardian Hawk also provides systems to protect your children. Our app and cameras enable you to see how your kids are doing when you're away. Whether you want to see if they're getting the care they need from caregivers, verify they're getting home safely from school or just make sure they stay out of trouble, you can view your home anytime from a computer or mobile device.

We also have Latchkey options that go hand-in-hand with the home automation of your doors.

With our app, you can lock and unlock your doors from your phone. Combine it with our camera doorbells and you can see who is at your door! Perfect to make sure your kids are getting home safely!

Pet Cams

Ever wonder what your pet does during the day? Do you have a new pet and want to make sure it is adjusting to its new home? Or perhaps you have an older four-legged family member who needs to be monitored while you are at work. With our CATS system, you can check on your pets anywhere, anytime!

Using our app, you can view your pets from a computer or mobile device with ease. We supply cameras that integrate with our app, allowing you to check up on your animals and your security and automation needs at the same time. Our technicians can design your camera layout to allow for the greatest field of vision for finding your pets!

Pet Camera available on mobile devices

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Small pets and children are especially vulnerable to smoke inhalation and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Their smaller bodies allow for faster build up of toxins in their bloodstreams than adults.

Carbon Monoxide is particularly dangerous as it is odorless and tasteless. It can come from common house equipment malfunctioning such as heaters, and it replaces oxygen-carrying hemoglobin with carboxyhemoglobin. The lack of oxygen to the body can cause even adults to become dizzy and lose their good judgement. It's like you're suffocating and you don't even know it.

According to the CDC1, each year more than 20,000 people visited emergency rooms for non-fire related CO poisoning, 4,000 were hospitalized and 400 died. Protect your family from harm. At Guardian Hawk, we'll provide and install a system of detectors for your home. Let us help you; too often do families remove detector batteries because of a burnt meal. We believe its better to have our experts come in to develop a detector layout that will reduce the chance of false alarms from dinner than to risk serious harm to your loved ones.

With 24/7 monitoring from our detection systems, you can rest knowing someone is watching out for a silent threat.

Rescue Decals

Guardian Hawk offers free decals to be placed on your front door! This helps first responders know how many pets you have when they arrive at your home. Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are affected by home fires. Decals can save your pet's lives. No purchase is necessary, just contact us and we will mail you a decal or direct you to one of the many pet locations at which we offer them!

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